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We (N.C.S) are an Extra Ordinary Cleaning Services
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What Area Does Nerca Cleaning Service?

You can get our services in any of these areas in Toronto, Scarborough/Markham/York Mills & Don mills/Leslie/Thornhill/Richmond Hill /and Down Town. We’re an independently owned company with great leaders and a sense of giving back as part of our beliefs. We are customer service focused and have an excellent sense of community. We are committed to being the best in what we do “Spotlessly Sparkling Clean.”

How does Nerca Clean our Homes?

We custom clean your home, no two homes or office are exactly the same even if identical in size and layout. We think it’s important to know how you live and dwell in your home/office. Our first visit to your home is to determine your specific needs, to learn your likes & dislikes. Together, we will determine how best we can be of service to you and meet your expectations.

Does Nerca CLEANING SERVICES Green Clean?

We do, and we can when the need arises. This is especially important to sufferers with regards to ALLERGY  & Asthmatic symptoms. We discuss this with our clients in advance of any work being done. We don’t mind spending extra time scrubbing and polishing when need be.

What is Professional TEAMWORK?

Professional teamwork is 1 to 2 person teams, best for our maintenance cleaning, while 3-4 person team is more suited for our deep clean (initial clean/SPRING CLEAN ). They are efficient with our methods, Professionally trained, screened and covered by our insurance.

Nerca CLEANING SERVICE  is locally owned and operational, bonded and insured. Our techs are employees not unsupervised, independent contractors. Your assigned team will always arrive neatly groomed and attired, on your scheduled cleaning day.

How Does The Cleaning Events Work?

We suggest rotational cleaning as this serves to keep you on budget, we agree on the things that need cleaning on all visits and the things that will be attended to every other clean.

Customer Service, What is Customer Service Anyways?

We are big on customer service, it takes time to develop a partner relationship, which leads to customer solution for each of our clients. We are here to be of service to you and this will only save you MONEY  in the long run. We take customer service very seriously.

What Are Your Rates?

Our regular scheduled maintenance rates starts at $157.00, while our one time cleans starts at $230.00. Our professional techs are paid fairly and are covered. If you find a better price elsewhere, always make sure they offer the same complete detailed service. Also, inquire about their hidden cost, such as supplies, transportation, short cuts taken. You remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for!”  :)

Referral Program

Refer your friends and family, and we’ll give you $35.00 gift card towards your clean when you recommend someone that would use our services and do. If they use us for a year we keep them at a fixed rate cost and they also gain some savings on their 4th clean. The gift that keeps on giving.

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