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Professional Cleaning Essentials

Living Room(I always find something I’ve lost when I do clean—) now you don’t want that experience every week or bi- weekly take my word for it. As promised, this blog is to interact with my now and future friend and clients, and as such I will be sharing with you some DIY projects, and some tips to keep you up to date between our visits.

As I think about what you, my readers and what you might want to learn from a cleaning professional, I’ve decided to talk about (3) cleaning essentials for hiring “A CLEANING COMPANY.”

What is a Professional Cleaning Company?

#1. Professional cleaners are trained and take this very seriously. It’s a career like every other career. A great company trains their employees at the beginning, and then continues to do so through out their course of employment. As a company owner I say this with complete confidence, and no I’m not talking about people who say they are companies because 2 people help them. It takes time to teach, time to pass on wisdom, and time is needed for one to gain knowledge. When that is accomplished, the PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS/company one hires becomes a great success, and we continue provide while you receive great service.

#2. Friendly and out going people will put you at ease, while going about their day in a thoughtful manner. This might not seem important at first, but trust me it is. Deep down inside we all want to interact with positive people, no one wants to talk to rude people on the phone. This starts at the top and trickles down the ladder, a smile a day, keeps the doctor at bay. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered the phone and help someone out just by being kind. Happy, Professional and friendly; Nerca Cleaning at your Service.

#3. Cost is always a factor, when new clients are to come aboard whether it be for services or product. Don’t let that stop you from inquiring though, but here’s where the friendly professional person comes in handy. To give an example, let’s say you were calling for A QUOTE, just shopping around, wanted to get the best price in town and you asked, what an hour do you charge? How can we really guide you if we don’t ask a few questions to know what it is that we can help you with. We will always do this in a pleasant way, we keep cool while you ask away.

a.) Product, when you buy a dress, you experience a feeling, take it off, it’s gone you’ll have to wear it again to experience it.
b.) Experience, when you buy a service it also makes you feel good about yourself along with someone else (known as sharing).We all love to give, and we know how good this makes us feel. Hope you enjoyed this little insight.

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